About Us

everything you need, more things that you want.
everything you need, more things that you want.

Our goal is simple.  We want to help you be better.

“Better” means different things to different people.  Whether “better” means getting faster or staying injury-free or just having more fun, we’ll help you get there!

We are always looking for the latest and best products for our customers.  We’re not going to sell you something because its the latest trend, every item in the store is hand picked by us.  If we don’t believe in a product, it does not make it into our store.

come on in!
Road, Aero Road and Time Trial Bikes
Road, Aero Road and Time Trial Bikes

A key feature of our store is on on-site Gait Lab.  Anyone can put a treadmill in their store, but we’re the only ones that perform video motion analysis with it.  Using the Dartfish motion analysis software, our Gait Lab allows us to identify biomechanical issues and breakdown your running style to achieve improved efficiency and performance.

As runners and multi-sport athletes, we understand the joy of crossing the finish line and also the challenges of getting there.  We started this store because we wanted to build a resource for athletes – a place they could come to for all their triathlon & running needs, hang out and have a good chat!

We believe passionately in what we do and it is this passion that drives us to be the best multi-sport store in the region.


2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. I would like to buy Compressport trail short ( size T1 ) and Compressport R2 calf sleeves ( white, size T1 ) Do you have stock ? I be going to Singapore next weekend. may i know if there are any promotion for the items and their prices.Thanks

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