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Change to Our Business Hours

Hi Everyone,

Please take note of the change to our business hours which will take effect immediately!

Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 7pm (no change)

Sunday – Monday: CLOSED


See you soon!


Attention!! Business Hours for THIS Friday & Saturday (25-26 May)

Hello and good day!

Please take note that there is a slight change to our business hours, but only for THIS Friday (25 may) and Saturday (26 may).

Friday: 1pm – 9pm  

We’ll be at product training in the morning.

Saturday: 11am – 2pm 

We’ll be out at events in the afternoon and evening.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused!  It’ll be business as usual on Sunday (11am – 3pm).

If you need anything urgently for the weekend, please give us a call at 64567868 or email us at info@wemakerunningcool.com